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we choose sport as a tool of diffusion, where in totally healthy contexts and taking advantage of the values ​​that come from it, we promote the culture of solidarity.


Corporate Social Responsibility
Certification of staff in rcp endorsed by the Red Cross
Smoke-free spaces
Social commitment
Team Warm ups
Official referees
Field Doctor
Healthy station


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People at the tournament are great. Excellent organization, very good vibes and very good prizes. And the main thing is that doing what we like,that is playing, we can help a lot.

Maria Ramayon

A lot of good vibes and excellent organization We really enjoy every time we participate. The very good prizes and everything the tournament offers adds up a lot. It is always very interesting to listen to the protagonists of solidarity causes.

We played the tournament today with our new team "Marangas", and I could not have a better time. A good cause that gives us the chance to enjoy sport again in an environment with values ​​and good vibes. I came back renewed. Thank you!

Foundation that uses sport as an inclusion tool  #InclusiónYDeporte

In all our solidarity events, we gatherhockey indumentary

We are members of the steering committee of the 100,000 Hearts Campaign, for a healthy change in Argentina

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